The Dream

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it is the notion of a dream. An aspiration that consumes us and leaves us with no choice but to follow through, making that dream a reality. Those of us that share a great love for the outdoors and the wild spaces still left on this planet understand the need to be out there. We understand that sometimes a dream is more than just a desire; sometimes it is a necessity of life.

On a quest to fulfill our need to be out there we have pursued successful careers in the outdoor industry, pouring in the same passion we have for those wild spaces in search of a purpose that will connect us. But we know that lifestyle isn’t enough, something still calls to us and when we can, we answer. This is an answer that has been 15 years in the waiting. This is an expedition that reminds us of how we got here, keeps us going through the dry times and fulfills that empty space within us all labeled ‘purpose’. This is what we live for.

On May 4th 2009 we will depart from Galiano Is (BC, Canada) in two single sea kayaks headed north for Glacier Bay (Alaska, US). We are two able, confident and experienced women, seeking to challenge our experience as guides through our own expedition of the entire coast we love and work on.

We aren’t heroes and we aren’t breaking new ground. We are simply two women following our dreams and in turn hoping to inspire a few other people to do the same.

This is how we live our lives the way we have always dreamed...

It's about more than an expedition, it's about more than a sport, it's even about more than a lifestyle. This is about dreams, this is about passion, this is about listening to that need to be out there. It's about learning how to 'fly'. 

We're calling it 'Crossing Borders' 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Adventure - Angela

I am running. I am running as light and surefooted as a deer, like a child full of energy and vigor. I hear a whale blow in the distance, but something tells me the sound is not what I think it is. I hear the buzz of a float plane above my head, but something brings me back to reality.

I am running through an urban street. Far away from the whales, the waves and the shore birds. My soul has not caught up with the speed of our modern day transportation. While my mind hears a whale, a construction site is using an air compressor. When I hear a float plane in the skies above, its a semi down gearing on an overpass.

An unexpected turn of events has led me to accept a job offer that whisked me off the ocean sooner than expected. Up to the last moment of my journey, the people and places of the west coast opened their hearts to me. The last two days in Alaska were some of the most magnificent on the trip. Calm waters, exceptionally beautiful fog, clear skies and orcas. Solan, Aleria and Kevin made my last minute preparations and my stay in Juneau incredible. A huge thanks so them, I hope to see you again soon.

Christine. She has been the most amazing travel partner I could have hoped and wished for. Her stamina and optimism is what made days of rain bearable and my own tiredness vanish. Her humor made me laugh through my tears. Her open heart attracted so many amazing people to our journey along the way. Her pink kayak was the talk of the coast and had people expecting us along the way. I will miss the ties that bound us and will have memories that will keep me laughing, crying and reminiscing for years to come.

My role now changes. From posting blogs to reading them. I will follow Christine's journey like so many of you have followed ours. Thank you for all your support, prayers, and thoughts along the way. I am sure we needed every one of them as we paddled and journeyed up the coast.

I say farewell to the coast, to Christine, and venture off on a new adventure full of challenges and rewards!

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  1. You're alone now? This is a whole new world. Please know you've got friends thinking of you at all times of day and night. There with you!